How to build a successful family as woman.10 working tips you must know.

Want to build a successful family? What you can do better in a marriage as a lady. Marriage is a mutual friendship that coexist between two lovers that hope to embark on a lifetime love affairs.

Marriage if well nurtured can stay for long and on reverse, it can break if the necessary support and love is lacking. Naturally, it is exercised to stay for long and for this reason, we will enlist some of the necessary things a wife must do in a marriage to bring out the best in it.

What is the responsibility of a wife in a marriage?

Wife in a marriage is like a guild and supportive hands as its been noted in Holy Books. With that in mind, it is the primary duty of a wife to give her  best in assisting a man carryout some necessary duties. In the list compiled by our admin, we made some necessary addition to the duties a wife need to carry out in a marriage. In some countries of the world,  some of these duties are not typically considered but a little research shows that it is well practised in most countries. Kindly peruse through the list and take note of the necessary ones.

Full duties of the wife in a marriage!

Support stands out as the core duty of a wife, in the Holy book, we were told that a wife is made out of the rib of the man and the responsibility to support and help a man at all time was bestowed on them. In our world today, a wife’s duty trend beyond that even though “support” remarks as the major duty. Other light duties enlisted below are vital and must be well practised if you want to get the best out of your marriage as a wife-to-be or a wife in a marriage.
2:Protect your husband’s image
3:Feed him with good food and advice.
4:Do not insult or compare him with anyone
5:Listen while he’s talking
6:Wash his clothes and be proud of him
7: Never talk ill of him any where with anyone
8:Assist him with financial aids
9:Pray for him
10:Be submissive even when pressured.

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